Introduction of welding mask liquid crystal light valve product
Introduction of welding mask liquid crystal light valve product

    This light valve display also named as liquid crystal light valve display or new type of auto-darkening welding mask LCD lens, is used for welding mask LCD TN products. It can double filter light, avoiding harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation generated from arc and the damage welding light to the eyes, preventing the occurrence of electric ophthalmia. Meanwhile, it is conducive to improving product quality and work efficiency.
At present, the product has been widely used in developed countries.
Dimensions: 96*48*2.2(standard).We can customize various sizes to our customer.
Technical parameters: 0.5ms response time. When number 3 shading pervious to light, black for 10.
Features: the lens is a transparent state before welding, the operator can see through the welding parts, lens instantly black when welding arc appears, keep out the strong electric arc, protecting the welder##s eyes.

Application: be adaptive in TIG / MIG / MAG low current (10A) welding, the most suitable for both hands argon arc welding, ultraviolet, infrared and other protection indicators in line with the U.S. ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. The product is widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum, construction, steel, boiler manufacturers and other industrial enterprises. Operating temperature range from -5-55, extreme temperature range from-20-70, relative humidity range from 20% to 80%.

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