Introduction of automobile liquid crystal light valve product
Introduction of automobile liquid crystal light valve product

  Automobile liquid crystal sun visor, also known as Automobile liquid crystal light valve, car auto color liquid crystal (LCD), car LCD filter screens, belong to liquid crystal light valve products. Automatically photographic, instant adjust the brightness of the sun visor, so that drivers are always in a comfortable visual status.

Auto liquid crystal light valve components: the upper and lower layer polarizer of which, attached to the second floor of the upper and lower LCD glass substrate surface, the glass surface with grass-roots up and down the floor inside the transparent conductive layer, transparent conductive layer on the bottom floor and then attached to a two-story oriented layer, the middle layer has directed infusion wide temperature range liquid crystal molecules. Surrounded by solid-liquid crystal light valve into a sealed box-like structure of liquid crystal, liquid crystal glass box with metal pin primary power line and connected to the controller.

Automobile liquid crystal sun visor principle: external light pass through the liquid crystal light valve plate to the electric circuit control chip, the chip by controlling the light control program using the liquid crystal light valve according to the external light intensity automatically adjusts brightness to maintain the best visual status.

Automobile liquid crystal sun visor function and role:

Firstly, make the weak light, let people feel comfortable, reduce fatigue after driving for a long time

Secondly, prevent ray radiation, filter out 99.9% of ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray, protect the eyes from light damage when driving, especially reduce the incidence of professional pilot eye disease.

Thirdly, avoid Headlights dazzling and glamour when driving at night and ensure the normal speed, thus ensure safe driving at night.

Fourth, comes with solar cells without charge, with the sun will be able to work;

Fifth, quick,and easy installation, applicable to all brands of cars.

This light valve product has very strict requirements to the response speed, cell gap, technology of LCD. With many years experience in manufacturing this product, we have supplied to a large number of international brand car companies.

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