Introduction of 3D shutter glasses lcd
Introduction of 3D shutter glasses lcd

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The advantages of our 3D shutter glasses lcd:

Firstly, short of delivery

      The new product, which we can deliver in10 days after customers’ order;

      General products, which we can deliver in 3 days after customers’ order..

Secondly, provide 3D glasses total solution

Help customers solve hardware and software solutions, allowing the customer standing in market commanding heights at the first time.

Thirdly, all our technical indexes are equivalent to or higher than other companies’

Fourth, base on the strong development strength and advance equipment, facilitating our products with high stability and reliability.

Fifth, high individuation service

We can develop and produce various kinds of shapes and technical specifications of 3D shutter glasses lens according to customers’ requirements.

Sixth, cost effective

The technology parameters of 3D shutter glasses lcd:

Product name/type: 3D Glasses LCD

English name: 3D Glasses LCD

Appearance characteristics: heterotype

Operating temp: normal temp (0 ~ 50 ), wide temp (- 20 ~ 70 )

Storage temp: - 30-80 degrees

Response speed: 1.5 ms - 2 ms

Transmittance: 38 %

Specification: customize the size, thickness and response speed of LCD as customer requirements.

Application: 3D cinema, 3D TV, 3D computer, 3D projector etc.

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